Thursday, December 8, 2011

Online or Offline or Compromise?

I love this quote! It's in my writing nook, reminding me where I must spend my time. Because whether you're an indie author or a traditional author, we all have the same 24 hours in each day.

The trick is staking out enough time for writing and leaving some time for hanging out online with other writers. I have learned more through blogs and the Blue Boards and tweets than I would have ever imagined!

I enjoy reading blogs...but doing so requires actual stretches of time. There are SO many excellent blogs available for writers no matter which stage in the journey.

And blogging here is also fun, but as my entries show, less than regular.  Part of me knows I should work on building a readership, but the other part is aware of how important, how CRITICAL working on the book is.

Not to mention, it's a daunting task to carve a blogging niche and standout! My heart and interests are telling me where my focus should be, but it will take some time to get organized.

I <3 Twitter as a compromise of writing faithfully and still allowing some time to hang with other writers. A few minutes in the Twitterverse catches me up on all the good news, publishing world headlines and writer's life snapshots eloquently captures in 140 characters. It's amazing and I'm thankful we have something like Twitter as a happy compromise to stay online and we can continue working on the Important things and still stay connected when we surface!


  1. Great quote! I have a hard time finding time to write as well, it's taken me eight months of blogging, and I am just starting to learn the balance! If you're wondering how to carve a place in the blogosphere, I think you're already doing it! Just write what you feel and that will be original enough :)

  2. It is a challenge balancing everything. Which is why you shouldn't try if your heart isn't into it. But the great thing about the blogging community is that we won't abandon you if you take a vacation from blogging or post less than everyday. :D

  3. @J. A. Bennett
    Good to know I'm not the only one juggling to make time!

  4. @Stina Lindenblatt
    Good point! My heart tends to be more into blogging at the start of books, as I get further in and into revisions, the less apt I am to blog. I admire those that have fresh blog content and are regular bloggers!

  5. Good time management is always hard to master when the joy of blogging and other social media beckons. You are right, though. Writing your novel should come first.

  6. I'm stealing this statement. I forgot what was important, and why I write. I had some medical issues and I've been at home a long time with nothing to do. I thought about it and I'm way more productive when I'm working and don't have any time.