Friday, October 28, 2011

Fast Fiveday!

My blog-o-pause is due to lots of writing things happening in the background! Good things! Snoopy dancing time sorts of things! 

Things I can share are today's fast five:
1. My first Indie book's title initials are MOB
2. The cover is READY and I'll have the big reveal on 11-11-11
3. Edits are absolutely critical for Indie books. Don't skip this step no matter how long you've been writing!
4. My cover makes me giggle and smile, every single time.
5. Next week I'll be blogging about finding and making most effective use of an indie editor

This weekend I'll be reading Nikki Burnham's latest, SHOT THROUGH THE HEART because
a. It's a lyric in an 80's hair band song
b. Water guns are central to the plot. Yes, water guns, who can resist?!
c. She's the Yoda of YA Rom-Com. 
d. The scoop is here:

Have a great Friday...let me know what you're reading this weekend!


  1. Thank you, Hannah...hope you enjoy the book. Looking forward to your big cover reveal next week!